Hard Surface Coating Services

Hard surface coating is used in a variety of industries and steel production. It is a process used for specified hard coating surfacing technologies in key, high-wear areas. Thermal spray hard surfacing can give equipment and component parts greater wear resistance, even in extreme working environments or in high-cycle or continuous-use applications. Greater wear resistance provides improved overall performance and extended working life.

Our hard surface coating services provide extreme wear characteristics for machinery in all industries and applications. We use the appropriate materials to achieve maximum wear resistance. Surface treatments:

  • Reduce wear and friction

  • Improve production reliability

  • Strengthen oxidation- and scratch resistance

  • Increase surface hardness

  • Help reducing energy, fuel and lubrication consumption

The Hard Coating Surfacing Process

We’ll work with you to gain a complete understanding of your application. Then we accurately identify its wear mechanisms. Engineering will select the best hard coating materials for your application.

We use a variety of hard coating surfacing processes.

High tolerance dimensional machining and grinding for critical surface textures may be included for part preparation and/or finishing in the hard coating surfacing process, high tolerance dimensional machining and grinding for surface textures may be included in the process.

Hard surface coating is not just for coating new parts. It can be used to rebuild worn and damaged parts to OEM specifications. This also improves wear resistance and part longevity, but also reduces operational and maintenance costs.

Finishing & Testing

Green Oak Tool hard coating services include part finishing with high tolerance grinders and polishing equipment. Grinding implements such as hard wheels, belts, and super finishing tools can be used to achieve the surface properties according to required specifications.

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