The aluminum cutting experts at Green Oak Tool & Services take great pride in being able to supply quality aluminum extrusions. Since Green Oak was founded, our capabilities have expanded, making us a premier high-volume metal cutter. We fully understand all of the intricacies involved in cutting aluminum extrusions with great precision, and can fulfill orders of almost any size. In addition, Green Oak keeps up with advances in the aluminum industry, ensuring that our cutting methods stay current and effective.

Thanks to our extensive extrusion sawing capabilities, we are able to precision cut aluminum extrusions up to 12 feet long, with the ability to cut through a variety of thicknesses while still adhering to strict tolerances. With rapid turnaround, our customers can expect turnkey extruded parts in no time. You can trust Green Oak to fulfill your metal cutting needs on time, every time.

  • Our Custom Metal Cutting Services

    Our capabilities were honed over many years of experience in mastering the complexities of metal custom metal cutting, including finishing, grinding, polishing and machining. We are knowledgeable and skilled in a wide range of techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. We can produce precision parts that meet tight tolerances and specifications Green Oak Tool will ensure your product meets your requirements and is cost effective.

  • Precision Cutting

    Among our metal cutting services, our precision cutting capabilities allow us to adhere to the tightest cutting tolerances with the highest Cpk/Ppk values. Using multiple abrasives and EDM cut-off machines, we provide volume capacity and dimensional precision, producing burr-free cut-off metal parts.

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  • Polishing

    Green Oak Tool takes metal cutting services and metal polishing beyond the traditional limits. Unique mechanical polishing techniques, along with a full range of abrasives, action, fluids, temperature yield consistent metal surface finishes to tight specifications.

  • Machining

    Our skilled machinists utilize automatic lathes and multi-axis CNC machines, equipped to turn, mill, and drill complex and small precision metal components with speed and efficiency.

  • Finishing

    We also offer a variety of custom metal finishing services as final preparation to parts after cutting. Metal radius precision machining provides a lower cost alternative to individually turned chamfers. We also offer masked and unmasked sand blasting for controlled abrasion of metal surfaces. In addition, we offer passivation, with citric acid and nitric acid methods that adhere to the latest ASTM A967 standard.

Green Oak Tool

Our Quality Guarantee

  • Green Oak Tool & Services can be your partner for custom steel, stainless steel, and aluminum parts fabrication projects with complete turnkey design, engineering, and build capabilities; prototyping to high volume.

  • Our expertise comes from our cutting, bending, forming, assembling processes based on high-quality standards the industrial marketplace demands. Metals used include aluminum, brass, steel, and more.

  • High-performance CNC machining, 3D CNC routing, Precision Metal Cutting, Punching, Polishing, Grinding, Heat Treating, Welding, Hard Surface Coating. Emergency "machine down" rush service is available.

  • For your fabrication requirements & how Green Oak Tool can assist you with custom metal parts and assemblies, call 1-800-380-6885 or email to We will get in touch with you promptly.