Green Oak Tool precision metal grinding services provide our clients with a flat, smooth finish on the surface of their metal products. Even the most challenging and complex requests can be easily accomplished through the use of our jig grinding machines.

Our machinists have decades of experience in preparing and executing a complex grinding project. Each member of our team is always ready to work with your exact specifications in order to produce and refine your project, ensuring quality results with fast turnaround.

Quality control is a major factor in our grinding services. No detail is overlooked when it comes time to put the project in motion. Green Oak provides jig grinding services for a variety of industries. We ensure that your expectations are met and your specifications are adhered to, no matter how strict.

Metal Grinding

Precision Metal Grinding Services

Green Oak Tool has full-service grinding capabilities. Our metal cutting services offer a wide range of CNC surface, profile, plunge, taper, double disk, and centerless grinding. With surface and double disk grinding, we can generate specific surface finishes, and tight length tolerances with extraordinary flatness. With CNC through-feed and in-feed centerless grinding machines, we can create the most complex and customized taper and end features down to 0.002” (0.05 mm) diameter and lengths from 12’ (4 m) to as short as 0.080" (2 mm).

Green Oak Tool has built a reputation for high-precision jig and surface grinding services. We can achieve sub-micron level tolerances and surface finishes unmatched by competitors. We also apply these services to tubes and wires with small diameters.

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    Precision Jig Grinding

    We offer an extensive range of metal grinding services: CNC centerless, plunge, surface, profile, and double disk precision grinding. We adhere to tight tolerances, can generate specific surface finishes, and can create customized end features. We also have the capabilities to grind complex shapes in difficult-to-machine metals.

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    Precision Surface Grinding

    Surface grinding allows for the production of a unique range of products. Through our skills and experience, we can deliver precision surface grinding services for the most demanding needs.

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Our Quality Guarantee

  • Green Oak Tool & Services can be your partner for custom steel, stainless steel, and aluminum parts fabrication projects with complete turnkey design, engineering, and build capabilities; prototyping to high volume.

  • Our expertise comes from our cutting, bending, forming, assembling processes based on high-quality standards the industrial marketplace demands. Metals used include aluminum, brass, steel, and more.

  • High-performance CNC machining, 3D CNC routing, Precision Metal Cutting, Punching, Polishing, Grinding, Heat Treating, Welding, Hard Surface Coating. Emergency "machine down" rush service is available.

  • For your fabrication requirements & how Green Oak Tool can assist you with custom metal parts and assemblies, call 1-800-380-6885 or email to We will get in touch with you promptly.